Strategic growth with measured outcomes by providing customized consulting services in one or all of the following programs:

Develop and optimize low dose CT screening Program

Value based population health managed

New low dose CT screening center development and implementation

American College of Radiology accreditation and approved registry selection

Develop automated lung radiology standardized letters

Standardized follow up protocols

Minimizing liability for significant incidental findings

Sharing decision aid review and recommendations

Smoking cessation programs

Targeted mixed marketing plan

Educational materials

PCP education

Now reimbursable by CMS and insurance

New entryway for market share

Low Dose CT screening centers of excellence designation by the Lung Cancer Alliance pathway

Non Profit partnerships

Incidental findings management

693 incidental findings tagged for navigation with 62 cancer diagnoses in a two year period. Many more in serial follow-up.

Standardize navigator notification for follow up (including all potential oncology findings and cardiac calcification)

Facilitate management of incidental findings within the emergency room, radiology, and by hospitalists

Decrease legal liability through incidental findings program management

Patient education notification with standardized discharge instructions

Tracking and follow up recommendations for incidental findings

Lung Nodule Clinic Management

Navigation provides streamlined pathway for decreasing time from actionable finding to treatment, and can be started within one week. This can be accomplished by either by having a dedicated clinic or virtual clinic.

Job descriptions of various levels of navigators

Coordination of care

  – Same day pulmonary function tests

  – Expedited additional testing including, navigational bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy (EBUS), and PET scans

  – Pulmonary/surgical appointment coordination

Targeted marketing

Create educational materials for both consumer and PCP (including shared decision making)

Navigation as an aid in clinical integration, reduction of outmigration, and increase patient satisfaction in an outpatient setting

Comprehensive cancer care

Multidisciplinary tumor conferences

Smoking cessation

Clinical integration including value based population heath management

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehabilitation

Nurse Navigation

Job descriptions of navigation and support team members

Clinical pathways

Genomic testing standardization

Thoracic program leadership development and implementation

Palliative care

Nonprofit association partnerships

Assistance, preparation, and readiness for centers of excellence recognition and accreditation programs

General oncology educational materials

Preoperative and postoperative educational materials

Quality measures review

Assistance with Key Performance Indicators

Increase oncology market share by providing personalized nurse navigation

Staffing and productivity recommendations

Survivorship support services